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Customer Information’s

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Consumer Information Summary

  • Our company “JF” gives the opportunity to our customers after the (2) two years of using the equipment to replace your old equipment with newer with a unique charge of 20% on the total price of your new refurbished machines.
  • Our Company “JF” in guarantee of the machines includes the spares parts and the work.
  • The majority of our products that our company “JF” supplies is average 3-5 years age range fully refurbished.
  • The transfer of gym equipment’s within Attica is done at the exclusive expense of our company “JF”, otherwise the transfer is done under customer expense.

              For the area of Athens and within the prefecture of Attica, delivery is made after consultation usually within 1-3 working days starting from the day after the order paid.        

              Outside Athens it takes 2 working days for delivery to a transport agency plus the time it takes the agency to reach your city.

              The Shipping costs to the rest of Greece and other countries within the E.U. are borne by the recipient and are paid upon delivery of the product by the shipping company.

Consumer Information Details

  • Remove covers and clean entire area of main body all electrical components and wires are carefully treated.
  • Check condition of running running belt.
  • Wax build up on any rollers is removed.
  • Clean drive belt/chainn/pulley and check for any signs of wear and tear.
  • Ensure correct aligment of pulley and / or tension systems.
  • Check resistance levels.
  • Power unit back up and place Quick start Mode to test
  • Inspect external power cord for damage, replace if needed.
  • Perform a key pad test to ensure all console keys and quick keys are working.
  • Check emergency stop function.
  • Vacuum fan air in take on rear of console and also air on front of console.
  • Complete industrial clean of machine and steam clean where is necessary.
  • Check wheels and feet are working.
  • Remove and check crank discs.
  • Clean all drive belts and pulleys and check for anysigns of wear and tear.
  • Τighten assembly bolts.
  • Εnsure that there is not a movement in joint assemblies.
  • Check that the pedals are tight and secure with blue Loctite if required.
  • Lubricate return springs with special oil.
  • Check crank arms are tight and there is and there is no movement or sliping when in use.
  • Ensure that all frame nuts and bolts are securely tightened.
  • Inspect all belts and cables.
  • Check/adjust any pop pins located on machine checking they are fully operational and locating correctly.
  • Check incline functions where applicable.
  • Remove weight stack guards and clean/vaccuum weight stack area.
  • Check toe straps and adjust where applicable.
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