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Soft Plyo Box Set – 15CM, 30CM, 45CM


Soft Plyo Box Terms and Conditions
The outer shells are tough enough to resist occasional wear from shoes however where possible bare feet or socks should be used to maximise the life span of the cover and seems.
If being used as Jerk Blocks we recommend adding at least a 15mm mat to the top of the box to protect the covers.
Any damage to the outer shell as a result of improper handling, movement or usage different from that stated above does not warrant a replacement or refund.
These items are covered by a six months manufacturers warranty which will only apply to manufacturing faults or flaws. It does not cover cosmetic flaws which do not affect the performance of the item.
Three boxes with the follwing heights:
ca. 15 cm (6”)
ca. 30 cm (12”)
ca. 45 cm (18”)
Reinforced foam covered by PU leather, with velcro attachments allowing the boxes to be stacked. Creates a safe way to train box jumps without the risk of injuring/hurting the shins from missed jumps!
PLEASE NOTE: set consists of 1x each 15, 30 and 45 cm plyo boxes. Does not include 60 cm box as pictured.
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