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technogym 700 ube visio web




Enjoy a more varied and more effective cardio workout for your upper body with the TechnoGym Arm Bike Top Excite + 700 visioweb black.
This workout improves your fitness, muscle strength and endurance.
The Top Excite is equipped with an ergonomic or an exclusive seat that can easily be disconnected from the device so that the Top can be used standing or with a wheelchair.
The Excite + offers a fully connected cardio experience, the visionweb console delivers personalized and diverse entertainment, new challenging workouts and innovative features designed to deliver great results in a fun and smooth way.


TechnoGym Arm bike Top Excite + 700 visioweb black used
Forward and backward resistance
Achieve a more balanced workout and full engagement of all shoulder and trunk spines by alternating pushing and pulling.
Top can be used standing or sitting. The optional ergonomic seat promotes correct posture and supports trunk, back and shoulder muscles for a more stable body. Top also has an optional seat with backrest, for maximum comfort and support. The seated position involves longer chains of movement, involving more muscles and burning more calories.
Numerous training options
Top allows you to work on specific muscle chains by changing the position of the rotating handles, by adjusting the height of the hand cranks and also the length of the telescopic arms.
Visioweb console
The LCD touch screen console features personal user accounts that keeps track of all important user data such as: customized training program / challenges, favorite TV channels, WEB bookmarks, local weather, synchronization of user content.
The visoioweb console also offers a range of entertainment options such as: analog TV (PAL, NTSC), digital TV, analog and digital radio, web browser, games (via Technogym App Store), audio plug, USB multimedia port, iPod docking station (only for old iphones), Android audio content available via USB (cable not provided)
The display also has a lot of storage space for a water bottle, keys, iPod or other accessories.
Optional TGS key, please note that the device is not equipped with this as standard
The TGS key makes it very easy to keep track of all your training results and activities. You simply take the key from one device to another and pick up where you left off without having to reset the device. The data is also stored in the cloud via the TechnoGym devices and you can keep track of your progress with the MyWellness app.

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