Tone, strength, stability and mobility

Loop Bands earned their reputation through their many applications. They are especially useful when it comes to the lower body, helping to activate the glutes and challenging your squats and hip thrusts alike.
It’s not just their field of application that makes them so popular in and out of the gym: being so lightweight and easy to store and to carry makes them a favourite also for the home and for your travels. With our Loop Bands you can rely on a durable addition to your workouts, allowing interesting and effective variations every day.

Yellow Loop Band
Dimensions (mm): 290 x 50 x 0.6
Max Resistance (KG): 9.1
Max Resistance (Lbs.): 20

Grey Loop Band
Dimensions (mm): 290 x 50 x 0.85
Max Resistance (KG): 12.7
Max Resistance (Lbs.): 28

Black Loop Band
Dimensions (mm): 290 x 50 x 1
Max Resistance (KG): 14.5
Max Resistance (Lbs.): 32