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Return Policy – Products Warranty

  /  Return Policy – Products Warranty


Gym Equipment’s Rerurn Warranty Policy

Terms & Conditions:

  • Τhe basic warranty is (2) two years and covers any damage due to the construction or a defective part of the gym instruments.
  • The warranty period is valid from the date of purchase of the gym equipment and covers the repair or replacement of defective electrical / mechanical parts.
  • A necessary condition for the validity of the guarantee is the presentation of the purchase document of the new machines.
  • The compliance with the manufacturer’s specifications regarding the transport, storage, installation, adjustment and use of the equipment is a prerequisite for the validity of the warranty.
  • Any operation/changes on the gym machines parts by uncertified technical staff is prohibited.
  • Τhe cost of shipping by courier, if requested is not covered by “JF”.
  • Damages caused by out-of-spec installation and operating conditions as well as damages caused by poor installation by an uncertified technician are not covered by “JF”.
  • The Warranty does not cover loss of components.
  • Damages caused during transport are not covered if there is a signed receipt of gym equipment.
  • The warranty form must be completed within 15 days of the date of purchase. Also, the machine serial number as well as the license number of a certified installer must be clearly registered. The return of the product, in this case, can only be made if the product is in its original condition and with full original packaging. The shipping charges in this case are borne by the consumer/customer.
  • To avoid any problems, please carefully check the packaging and condition of the product upon receipt. In the event that a wrong or defective product is found, contact us immediately and it will be replaced immediately at our company’s responsibility and cost, or the money will be returned to you if you wish.
  • By phone at 210 3411713 or by email at [email protected], in order to approve the return of the product. The product can also be changed in our physical store.
  •  In the event that the return is not made within fifteen (15) days or does not meet any of the mentioned conditions, our company reserves the right not to accept the return.
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